DIY Jewelry Stand – IKEA HACK


I have a love-hate relationship with my jewelry. On one case, I want to showcase and display them in all their glory. The vintage, the Tiffany, the cheap ones from China – all of them deserve their spot on my dresser. However, some of them are just too clunky or inflexible! Ok, I know! They’re jewelry, and they will take up space, but don’t you get tired of the tangle and sheer clutter of your jewelry? Maybe you’re smarter and already devised an efficient way to organize your jewelry. In that case, leave a comment and let me know! I love seeing what others come up with.

For me, I decided I wanted layers. During my moving in process, I’d made many trips to our local Ikea. Inspired by Style Me Pretty’s post, I picked up a metal plate, a bamboo serving dish, and a white candlestick holderDIYJewelrystand-3


DIY Jewelry Stand from IKEA

Materials: small flat surface, larger flat surface, candlestick holder, and glue (I used Tacky).

1) Layer glue on the bottom side of the candlestick holder. Press gently but firmly onto the center of the bottom plate.
2) Layer glue on the top side of the candlestick holder. Press center of top plate onto candlestick holder. Let rest for 8 hours or more. (Or, if you’re impatient, just start throwing stuff on! Just don’t lift it by the top plate).
3) Start throwing your bling on!

I chose this metal plate because of its sturdy metal lace edge. It’s riddled with holes perfect (and strong enough) to hold earrings.

DIYJewelrystand-4 DIYJewelrystand-5

This is great for earrings, statement jewelry, bracelets, and rings. For more delicate necklaces, I still find I need something to hang them off of.

Enjoy! If you end up making this, I’d love to see what you made. This idea can be done in so many different ways!!! DIYJewelrystand-1

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5 thoughts on “DIY Jewelry Stand – IKEA HACK

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    1. mayu07 Post author

      Yes, I just didn’t remember what it was called, and I couldn’t find it online. I found it near the candleholders at an Ikea location, if that helps!

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